Meet the 7 Chakra Colors in a Guided Meditation for Healing

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As you practice chakra color visualization, you may feel your life force moving through the body and aura. Notice how your perceptions, emotions and identity shift as you practice this meditation regularly. 
Chakra Healing with Colors - Meditation for Beginners

Meditating on the colors of the seven chakras is one of the most simple yet powerful ways to balance your chakras. Energy healers around the world have used visualization to shift matter. It is believed that colors carry a frequency and coding that transmit information to our mind, and subtle body. 

In ancient Indian philosophy, chakras are energy vortexes that assimilate, process and project thoughts, memories, emotions and the imprint of all that we’ve ever experienced. It is believed that we have seven major chakras and numerous other minor ones. When these chakras are expanded, bright, and spinning at a steady pace, they support the body’s natural functioning, emotional processing, and intuitive recognition. 

Is Your Chakra Flowing or Blocked?

The chakras are made up of life force, or prana. The energy in chakras can become stagnant, weak, dull, and lose vitality when we:

  • don’t eat nutritious foods
  • consume alcohol or drugs
  • don’t direct the mind away from the ego’s illusions
  • fail to cope with heavy emotions
  • shy away from our purpose
  • go against our instinctive passions and dreams
  • stay in toxic relationships or work environments
  • have poor boundaries
  • remain unconscious of our energy field

When the chakra is blocked, and the chakra system’s alignment is off, our natural flow of vitality in mind, body and spirit is disrupted. The aura feels heavy and unmanaged. Disease, addiction, anxiety, depression, poor social habits, pain, chronic stress, or nervous system dysregulation are likely to ensue. When the chakras are aligned, expanded, and bright, they can help you process emotions, develop higher perspectives, integrate lessons, receive knowledge, prevent illness, and create an overall sense of wellness. 

Are Chakras Real? How Can I Sense Them?

Since chakras are a part of the subtle body, many people have a tough time trusting their presence. However with a regular meditation and visualization practice, you can learn how to open your chakras, balance them and reorganize their energy. You can learn to master your own energy field. 

Chakras can be felt in numerous ways as humans have various sensory systems. Reiki practitioners and other energy healers can use their hands to “comb” over an area of the body and aura, to sense patterns of energy. It is common for practitioners to feel the flow of life force. Their hands may start to move involuntarily as they let chakra energy take the lead. Since chakras are wheels of energy, you may feel the spin of your chakra at their corresponding body part. For example, the root chakra’s spin can be felt at the front and back of the body near the tailbone. Some can intuitively connect and channel the chakras’ consciousness. They may receive messages about what energy the chakra is projecting, how the chakra wants to come into balance, and experiences that caused the chakra to lose its vitality in the first place. It is also typical for people to see the colors of the chakras in meditation or dreams. When the colors are vibrant, it’s a sign that the corresponding chakra is healthy but when the colors are dull or the visualization feels faded, it’s a sign that the chakra is not in its highest wellbeing. 

What are the 7 chakra colors?

Each of the major chakras has a corresponding color that portrays its frequency. The colors for the 7 chakras happen to also be the seven colors in the rainbow. If you see one of these colors in meditation, Reiki practice, a photograph of your aura, or a dream, it may be a sign that the color’s corresponding chakra is coming into balance or expanding. It’s essential to tune into your own intuition when deciphering energetic experiences. Trust your inner wisdom.

Meet the Chakra Colors & Their Meanings

The color for the root chakra, Muladhara or 1st chakra, is red. It signifies health, home, childhood, safety, grounding, trust, stability and abundance.

The color for the sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, or 2nd chakra is orange. It signifies creativity, desires, individuality, sexuality, flow, emotions, pleasure, and change. 

The color for the solar plexus chakra, Manipura, or 3rd chakra is yellow. It signifies autonomy, determination, self-discipline, personal power, motivation, transformation, boundaries, ego and confidence.

The color for the heart chakra, Anahata, or 4th chakra is green. It signifies compassion, empathy, love, forgiveness, joy, acceptance, gratitude, and generosity. 

The color for the throat chakra, Vishuddha, or 5th chakra is blue. It signifies expression, communication, purpose, integrity, creativity, acceptance, honesty, and authenticity. 

The color for the third eye chakra, Ajna, or 6th chakra, is indigo. It signifies intuition, self-realization, awareness, imagination, dreams, clarity and connection. 

The color for the crown chakra, Sahasrara, or 7th chakra is purple or white. It signifies oneness, faith, awareness, understanding, enlightenment, transcendence, surrender and wisdom. 

7 Chakra Colors in Order Diagram 

Chakra Color Meaning

How to Use Chakra Color Visualization Balance Your Chakras

Meditating on the colors of the chakras is one of the most powerful ways to access the frequency of each chakra. It enhances our sensitivity to the subtle body and assists us in tuning its consciousness. 

You may visualize the following chakra color meditation in the morning, during the day or at night. Practicing this during the morning or during the day can help you to feel energized, present, and alive. Practicing this at night can help some people relax and sleep. For some people, it can awaken your intuition and keep you from sleeping deeply. If you notice that, skip this practice at night.

You may practice this meditation daily if you wish to expand your awareness of the chakras. If you’re not able to practice daily, you may also come back to this as needed on a weekly or monthly basis. 

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Guided Chakra Meditation Script for Beginners

An audio recording of this meditation is available here. You may also use the following script to guide yourself, or to guide a group of meditators. It can be practiced by beginners or by those with some experience.

Find a comfortable seated or reclined position. If you are sitting on a chair, have your feet flat on the floor. Begin to relax the shoulders. Find some length in your spine as you breathe. 

Take a few deep breaths into your belly. Allow the belly to expand on the inhale and contract on the exhale. Set an intention and give yourself permission to connect with the consciousness of your chakras. Give yourself permission to see, feel or sense your chakras with clarity and openness.

Our chakras are spinning vortexes that store every thought, emotion, memory or experience we’ve ever had. They are centers of consciousness that manifest people, situations and experiences. What happens in your energy field manifests in your life. 

Today we’ll be cleansing and clearing the seven main chakras through breath, awareness, visualization, and affirmations. By expanding your chakras, you may notice shifts in perspective, a release of emotions, or healing in your physical body. All you need is the willingness to become aware of your chakras. 

Begin by visualizing a red vortex of energy stemming from the base of your spine. This is your root chakra and it holds the energies related to your journey on Earth, health, material wellbeing, and loved ones.
As you visualize this red sphere of energy expanding, you are calling in feelings of vitality, safety, and abundance.
Breathing in trust. Breathing out fear. Breathing in nourishment. Breathing out illness.
As your root chakra strengthens, you know you are worthy of being here. You know that your material needs are always taken care of. You are comfortable in your body and the wisdom it shares. You are centered, rooted in life and trust the Universe. You are grateful for your health as it is essential to fulfilling your purpose here.
Send one last deep cleansing breath to the base of your spine where your red root chakra resides.

Begin by visualizing an orange vortex of energy in your pelvic area. This is your sacral chakra and it holds the energies related to change, individuality, and sexuality.
As you visualize this orange sphere of energy expanding, you are calling in feelings of delight, and creativity.
Breathing in pleasure. Breathing out guilt. Breathing in ease. Breathing out shame.
As your sacral chakra strengthens, you allow yourself to feel, process and release your emotions. You flow through changes with ease. You play and embrace your creative gifts. You give yourself permission to be intimate and explore your sexuality. You release addictions and dependencies. You are passionate about life and its pleasures.
Send one last deep cleansing breath to the pelvic area where your orange sacral chakra resides. 

Begin by visualizing a yellow vortex of energy stemming from the center of your abdomen. This is your solar plexus chakra and it holds the energies related to your self-esteem, ambition, and integrity.
As you visualize this yellow sphere of energy expanding, you are calling in feelings of courage, self-discipline and empowerment.
Breathing in confidence. Breathing out fear. Breathing in consciousness. Breathing out judgement, anger and resentment.
As your solar plexus chakra strengthens, you are comfortable with your power and act courageously. You love, respect and accept yourself. You are confident, and build a healthy self-esteem. You know you can manifest anything you need. You can set healthy boundaries. You surrender to your heart with ease. You are conscious of your ego.
Sending one last deep cleansing breath to the center of your abdomen where your yellow solar plexus chakra resides.

Begin by visualizing a green vortex of energy stemming from the center of your heart. This is your heart chakra and it holds the energies related to love, forgiveness, and trust.
As you visualize this green sphere of energy expanding, you are calling in feelings of dedication, hope, and surrender.
Breathing in gratitude. Breathing out envy. Breathing in compassion. Breathing out grief.
As your heart chakra strengthens, you offer unconditional love to yourself. You open your heart to giving and receiving love without fear. You generously give without expectations. You know you can forgive. You know that the most powerful energy is love.
Send one last deep cleansing breath to the center of your heart where your green heart chakra resides. 

Begin by visualizing a blue vortex of energy stemming from your throat. This is your throat chakra and it holds the energies related to your expression, will, and self-knowledge.
As you visualize this blue sphere of energy expanding, you are calling in feelings of creativity, and faith.
Breathing in authenticity. Breathing out fear. Breathing in acceptance. Breathing out judgement.
As your throat chakra strengthens, you express yourself with love. You are committed to your truth. You are content even in silence. Creativity flows through you. You speak with integrity.
Send one last deep cleansing breath to the center of your blue throat chakra.

Begin by visualizing an indigo vortex of energy stemming from the center of your forehead.
This is your third eye chakra and it holds the energies related to your intuition, transcendence, and learning.
As you visualize this indigo sphere of energy expanding, you are calling in feelings of inspiration, and clarity.
Breathing in insight. Breathing out doubt. Breathing in divinity. Breathing out fear.
As your third eye chakra strengthens, you are open to receiving guidance from Higher Sources of your own understanding. You honor and follow your own intuition. You are aligned with your vision. You are self-aware and learn from your mistakes. The left and right sides of your brain are balanced in harmony.
Send one last deep cleansing breath to the center of your forehead where your indigo third eye chakra resides.

Begin by visualizing a purple vortex of energy stemming from the top of your head. This is your crown chakra and it holds the energies related to awakening, and understanding your truth. As you visualize this purple sphere of energy expanding, you are calling in feelings of connection, and awareness.
Breathing in divinity. Breathing out distrust. Breathing in wisdom. Breathing out limiting beliefs.
As your crown chakra strengthens, you feel connected to all. You are open to inspiration and learning. You feel complete. You know you are an extension of the divine. You are open to receiving divine love and light. You know that you are infinite and boundless in every way.
Send one last deep cleansing breath to the top of your head where your purple crown chakra resides. 

Our 7 main chakras are now cleansed, and balanced. With your breath, awareness, visualization, and shifts in perspective, you have reorganized your energy. When you create harmony in your chakras, you create harmony in your life. You experience your full potential. You are self-aware. You embrace all it is to be divinely human. 

Tips to Practice Chakra Color Meditation for Healing

  • There is no right or wrong when it comes to visualizing the chakras. If you see a slightly darker or brighter color, don’t judge the experience you have during meditation. You may see some chakras are larger than others. You may be able to feel the spin of certain chakras over others. Try not to analyze the experiences you have in chakra meditation.
  • You may lose the visualization as your mind wanders. Simply notice where your mind went and without harshness, guide it back to your awareness of the chakras.

What to Expect When Meditating with the Chakra Colors

As you practice chakra visualization, you may feel your life force moving through the body and aura. You may experience emotions such as peace, gratitude, sadness, or anger, as the imprints are reorganized. You may notice memories and triggering patterns surface for healing and transmutation. Let yourself witness them, learn from them and when you’re ready, they will release from your awareness. Since your energy impacts all that you do and experience, you may see your thought patterns, mood and actions shift as you go about your daily life. Notice how your perceptions shift as you practice this meditation regularly. 

 For a guided audio recording of this meditation, sign up here.

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