Sacred Reiki Chants: Mantras for Devotion

Chanting is a powerful spiritual practice that oxygenates the body, anchors the mind, and awakens the spirit! It’s an essential practice of Usui Reiki.

The 4 track meditation album includes chants for each of the Reiki symbols and mantras. The music is ideal for anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with the essence and vibration of each mantra.

By listening to or chanting along with these mantras, you honor the traditions of Japanese Reiki and may feel connected to your Reiki masters. You may experience the jumon (incantation) and kotodama (spirit of words).

When we meditate with the mantras consistently, we begin to understand the deeper meaning and energetic archetype of each one.

The Reiki mantra album is a powerful resource for Reiki Master Teachers and Practitioners who are teaching Reiki Levels 2 or 3, or hosting Reiki Circles. Tracks are 10-11 minutes long – an ideal length for your daily meditation practice or for a group practice. You may also play these mantras while self-healing, or practicing Reiki on others. Playing the mantras on loop will help uplift the energy of your space.

The Reiki symbols are sacred aspects of the practice and meant to be used by Reiki 2 and 3 practitioners. This Reiki mantra meditation album is designed for practitioners who have received attunements in the Usui lineage. Out of respect for the system, symbols should not be used if you have not been attuned to them.

Includes 4 Tracks for each of the Reiki Mantras for Healing:
Cho Ku Rei
Sei He Ki
Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
Dai Komyo

Vocals by Yuuko
Instrumentals by Anatoly Gavrilenko


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