Introduction to the Root Chakra

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What's revealed in my Root Chakra? The meaning of a blocked, stagnant or weak chakra is that you are struggling with one of the functions of that chakra.
Root Chakra Meaning - Root Chakra Healing

Root Chakra Sanskrit Name

Muladhara (root)

Root Chakra Color


Root Chakra Element


Root Chakra Frequency

396 Hz

Root Chakra Mantra


Sense of the Root Chakra


Demon of the Root Chakra


Right of the Root Chakra

To belong

Root Chakra Location & Glands

The center of the Root Chakra is at the base of the spine and it extends to our hips, legs and feet. The Root Chakra also governs the immune system, bones and adrenal glands.

Stressors of the Root Chakra

Difficult experiences such as near death experiences, and chronic illness create weakness in the Root Chakra. We can also store traumas from genocides, famines, and wars, that we’ve personally experienced or taken on from our ancestors. Experiences of abandonment, or neglect, especially in childhood, can challenge the Root Chakra.

Signs of Physical Imbalance in the Root Chakra

A weak Root Chakra can manifest in the following ways

  • Being underweight or overweight
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Disassociation from the body
  • Problems with the legs or feet
  • Problems with the lower spine such as sciatica
  • Iron deficiency
  • Weak immune system or autoimmunity
  • Dizziness
  • Chronic fatigue

How a Blocked Root Chakra Can Manifest into the Outer World

When we have an unbalanced Root Chakra, the following can manifest

  • Relationship and family problems (lack of trust)
  • Lack of clarity and focus
  • Feeling scarcity or greed
  • Feeling unsupported by the body, Earth, or tribe
  • Worried about survival and basic necessities (food, water, and shelter)
  • Encounters insecurity in relationships

Attributes of a Healthy Root Chakra

When the Root Chakra is spinning at a healthy rate, we

  • Feel centered, and grounded
  • Easily manifest our basic survival necessities and more
  • Are fueled with stamina and strength
  • Know we belong here and incarnated on Earth with purpose
  • Feel safe
  • Manifest support

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Root Chakra Meaning

The meaning of a blocked, stagnant or weak chakra is that you are struggling with one of the functions of that chakra. See below to discover what your root chakra can tell you about your consciousness.

What are you holding in your root chakra? Share below!

Root Chakra Infographic - Muladhara Meaning - Root Chakra Themes

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