Introduction to the Third Eye Chakra

Parita Shah, Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master Teacher

Parita Shah, Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master Teacher

After receiving a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition, and experiencing countless symptoms that didn’t budge through conventional allopathic medicine, Parita sought complimentary forms of healing through meditation and Reiki. Energy healing helped her listen to her body’s innate wisdom, cope with chronic illness, and pursue her soul’s calling - helping others heal through the mind and body connection. With energy healing sessions, courses, and a blog, she shares tools for transformation and self-healing.

What's revealed in my Third Eye Chakra? The meaning of a blocked, stagnant or weak chakra is that you are struggling with one of the functions of that chakra.
Third Eye Healing & Balancing - Intuition - Chakra Therapy

Third Eye Chakra Sanskrit Name

Ajna (perception)

Third Eye Chakra Color


Third Eye Chakra Element


Third Eye Chakra Frequency

852 Hz

Third Eye Chakra Mantra


Sense of the Third Eye Chakra


Demon of the Third Eye Chakra


Right of the Third Eye Chakra

To see

Third Eye Chakra Location and Glands

The Third Eye Chakra regulates the brain, eyes, ears, forehead, and brows. The Pituitary and Hypothalamus Glands are also extensions of the 6th chakra.

Stressors of the Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra is drained when we receive invalidation of our psychic experiences. We might have been embarrassed over our intuition or sensitivity. We might have also connected to lower vibrational spirits and received energy and information that we didn’t want. This instances create Third Eye Chakra blockages.

Signs of Physical Imbalance in the Third Eye Chakra

A weak Third Eye Chakra can present in the following ways

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Eye problems
  • Weak memory
  • Issues with the brain
  • Sinus congestion or infections
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Deafness

How a Blocked Third Eye Chakra can Manifest into the Outer World

When we have an unbalanced Third Eye Chakra, the following can manifest

  • Anxiety
  • Nightmares
  • Inability to use your imagination
  • Can’t recall dreams
  • Hallucinations or obsessions
  • Problems with concentration and focus
  • Overthinking
  • Can’t see the larger picture or think outside the box

Attributes of a Healthy Third Eye Chakra

When the Third Eye Chakra is spinning at a healthy rate, we

  • Are connected to our inner guidance and wisdom
  • Receive messages from our Higher Self, the Universe and guides
  • Recognize patterns and lessons for growth
  • Can visualize, imagine and dream
  • Can make decisions with clarity
  • Can balance intuition with logic

Third Eye Chakra Meaning

The meaning of a blocked, stagnant or weak chakra is that you are struggling with one of the functions of that chakra. See below to discover what your third eye chakra can tell you about your consciousness.

What are you holding in your third eye chakra? Share below!

Third Eye Chakra Themes - Third Eye Chakra Meaning
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