online reiki training

Parita offers Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 Training courses virtually for those who are interested in developing a spiritual practice for mind and body balance. 

Why should I learn Usui Reiki?

  1. Learn to tune into your mind, body, and spirit
  2. Find relief from pain, sleep issues, muscle tension, and other symptoms
  3. Get to the root cause of anxiety, and depression
  4. Release emotional baggage that may be impacting your present moment and future
  5. Experience your life force flow harmoniously
  6. Come into deeper alignment with who you are
  7. Explore your faith and purpose
  8. Create synergy between the mind and body
  9. Embark on a path of developing self-awareness
  10. Opportunity to share healing with family, and friends

Are there any prerequisites to learning Reiki?

Reiki 1 is a course that’s designed for beginners. You do not need to have extensive experience with Reiki or meditation. Parita will share basic meditations, breathing exercises, philosophies, and hands-on-healing practices to get you started on a path of self-transformation.

NYC Reiki Training - New York Reiki Master Teacher

Meet Parita

Reiki Master Teacher


Parita studied Reiki 1 with Jenn Staib in 2015, and Reiki 2 with Theresa Sarin and Laura Maglio in 2016. Parita also retrained in Reiki 1, and completed a 6 week Reiki Master-Teacher training with Nathalie Jaspar in 2019. She has received training with teachers in the William Lee Rand, and International House of Reiki traditions. Yolanda Williams, RMT and host of Reiki Radio, has been her long time mentor and guide.

Anyone who is open to connecting with the lifeforce energy that is within themselves and around them, can practice Reiki.

online reiki training

Each level of Reiki is taught with a 6 week, live, group training. Classes are capped to 6 students to provide an intimate healing and learning experience. Students receive an illustrated PDF manual, 4 attunements, recorded guided meditations, and a certificate of completion. Recordings of each class are also available for one week in case you aren’t able to make it live.

Reiki 1

  • Initiate students into the Usui Reiki lineage through an attunement
  • Understand the many uses for Reiki healing
  • Become familiar with the meaning, history, and principles of Reiki
  • Explore the mind and body’s connection
  • Practice Reiki healing on ourselves and others through guided journeys
  • Learn meditations and exercises from the Reiki tradition
  • Develop a daily spiritual practice                                           

Reiki 2

  • Receive an attunement and introduction to the first three Reiki symbols and mantras
  • Begin to see and practice oneness, which enables us to share distant healing
  • Offer Reiki on others in a professional setting if you choose to do so
  • Learn meditations and exercises from the Reiki tradition

Reiki 3

  • Receive an attunement and introduction to the 4th Reiki symbol
  • Learn how to share attunements to initiate others on a path of self-healing
  • Learn how to teach Reiki to your students


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