Meet Parita

Reiki Practitioner & Energy Healer

Parita became interested in Reiki and Meditation when she realized that the stress of her health issues were causing more health issues. She was determined to break the cycle and find her center in the midst of health flares and life transitions.

In 2015, Parita studied Mindfulness Meditation and began her Reiki training in the Usui lineage. She is passionate about self-connection, chakras and the law of attraction. Some of her go-to healers are yoga, breathework, writing, and crystals.

As her mind and spirit strengthened, her body also healed from autoimmune conditions, chronic back pain, eczema, tinnitus and more.

She quickly learned that her health journey was a pathway into her purpose – helping others heal through the mind and body connection.

In 2018, Parita trained in Integrated Energy Therapy and deepened her connection with the angelic realm. She also completed an Akashic Record training which guides her healing sessions. She intuitively connects with the vibration of essential oils and integrates them to clear auras.

She has worked with clients through autoimmune conditions, headaches, backpain, anxiety, depression, cancer, arthritis, eating disorders and other health conditions. She has worked with clients post-surgery, and volunteered at a hospice.

Intuitive Reiki Healer
Parita Shah Intuitive Energy Healing
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Parita is available for intuitive energy healing sessions, refresher Reiki attunements & mentorship calls. These sessions are tailored to your personal challenges, goals and energy body.

Looking to self-heal? Explore her online program for Reiki practitioners. Refresh your practice with new techniques, and inspiration.

Become certified in Reiki Levels 1, 2 or 3 directly through Parita. She teaches live, virtual trainings in a small group setting to make the teachings practical and approachable.