Introduction to the Crown Chakra

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What's revealed in my Crown Chakra? The meaning of a blocked, stagnant or weak chakra is that you are struggling with one of the functions of that chakra.
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Crown Chakra Sanskrit Name

Sahasrara (thousand-petaled)

Crown Chakra Color


Crown Chakra Element


Crown Chakra Frequency

963 Hz

Crown Chakra Mantra


Sense of the Crown Chakra


Demon of the Crown Chakra


Right of the Crown Chakra

To learn

Crown Chakra Location and Glands

The Crown Chakra governs the head, brain, and nervous system. It’s associated gland is the Pineal Gland.

Stressors of the Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is thrown out of balance when one may have been forced to convert his/her faith or in case of religious persecution. It’s also weakened when one receives disrespect for curiosity and learning.

Signs of Physical Imbalance in the Crown Chakra

A weak Crown Chakra can present in the following ways

  • Cognitive dysfunction or Alzheimer’s
  • Brain tumors
  • Migraines or headaches
  • Vertigo

How a Blocked Crown Chakra can Manifest into the Outer World

When we have an unbalanced Crown Chakra, the following can manifest

  • Learning disabilities or problems with cognition
  • Obsession with personal growth, spirituality or religion
  • Dissociation from the body or overly attached to the physical realm
  • Can’t keep faith
  • Unable to sit in stillness
  • Only sees separation

Attributes of a Healthy Crown Chakra

When the Crown Chakra is spinning at a healthy rate, we

  • Feel connected to a Higher Power of our own understanding
  • Are curious but release the need to overly question or analyze
  • Develop self-mastery
  • Are able to learn, and develop skills
  • Discover our purpose
  • Feel the interconnectedness of all life forms

Crown Chakra Meaning

The meaning of a blocked, stagnant or weak chakra is that you are struggling with one of the functions of that chakra. See below to discover what your crown chakra can tell you about your consciousness.

What are you holding in your crown chakra? Share below!

Crown Chakra Meaning - Crown Chakra Themes

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