Chakra Unearthing: 180+ Journal Prompts for Self-Awakening

Guided writing prompts lead us through reflection and self-inquiry to raise our level of self-awareness. The workbook’s intention is for us to find clarity around our blocks, authentic alignment, and next steps.

Along with 180+ journal prompts, the workbook offers an introduction to the 7 main chakras for beginners, and tips for chakra balancing. Parita shares meditation, breathing exercises, crystals, essential oils, yoga poses, lifestyle tweaks, and mindset shifts to support mind and body balance.

**You will receive access to a 120 page PDF download on purchase.

What are Chakras?

The chakra system offers a framework for understanding the mind and body connection. Chakras are energy vortexes that store every thought, emotion or experience that weโ€™ve ever had. They are a blueprint from which we manifest health, wellbeing, relationships, and opportunities.

How to Approach this Workbookโ€ฆ

This workbook holds space for us to examine the impressions that we have picked up over the years. It uncovers the stories we tell yourself, the beliefs that we solidified from society, the unprocessed emotions from childhood, and much more. It does not give us the answers. This is an interactive process in which we are steered towards our truth.

Chakra Unearthing leads us on a guided writing journey that’s reflective and soulful. This workbook creates a ritualistic writing practice to access consciousness.

Chakra Unearthing, 115+ page e-workbook, offers questions to tap into the voice of our own intuition. The journaling prompts guide us to uncover limiting beliefs, and difficult emotions which manifest our outer reality. As we move through the workbook, we explore our subconscious, cultural, societal, childhood, and ancestral programming.


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