The Benefits to Energy Healing

Discover inner peace 
Release negative emotions and beliefs
Build resilience to stress
Release addictions and habits
Relax and experience stillness
Balance heart rate, blood pressure & salivary cortisol
Manage pain and ease muscle tension
Clear toxins
Sleep better
Connect to your intuition
Hear your soul's calling
Experience oneness
Discover your faith
Live with intention and mindfulness
Know your True Nature


See how clients transformed holistically.

“I was feeling rather heavy and could feel light once the session was over.” Lynn G.P.

“I was completely blown away with how spot on Parita was with identifying places where my energy was blocked and things that I personally struggle with. She worked to balance to my energy and I left feeling so restored and relaxed! What an incredible experience! ” Brittany S.

“One of the many benefits was the complete ease in my left shoulder which I had almost forgotten was stiff.” Kaya S.

“For anyone interested in this, do it. She is definitely recommended and I will be doing it again when I can.” Brandy H.

“I was so blown away by our session together and let me tell you — I am a believer. Nothing has ever amazed me so much. My perspective is forever changed. ” Isabelle K.

“Thank you so much for introducing Reiki to me.” Teri F.

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