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Parita Shah - Integrated Energy Therapy & Reiki in Long Island

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Whether you’re seeking to deepen your self-awareness, cultivate faith, or manifest, there’s a meditation for you. 

Her meditations are simple yet transformative.

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Reiki Practitioner Long Island

Meet Parita

Parita leads people on a journey back to their highest potential. She supports clients in finding ease in their mind, body and spirit. Through distant and in-person sessions, as well as events, she shares tools for transformation and self-healing.

Parita blends science and spirituality to meet her clients where they’re at. She brings a realistic yet heart-centered approach to energy healing.

Discover Reiki Energy Healing

Energy healing is the practice of aligning our lifeforce, also known as chi, prana, or ki around the world. It’s a safe and gentle process of clearing stagnant energies from our physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies.  

Overtime, we block the flow of energy with our experiences, limiting beliefs, and feelings such as shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, and distrust. Our cells, tissues, and organs can harbor thoughts and emotions that can lead to illness. Based on our energy field, we manifest health, relationships, prosperity or the lack thereof.

Energy healings are opportunities for deep restoration on every level. We create a sacred space to witness yourself without judgement and with compassion.

We examine the root cause of illness and suffering. This empowers us to act consciously rather than out of our subconscious programming. We discover our power in every situation. We release chords of attachment to the past. We heal trauma, memories, and energetic disturbances that hold us back.

We discover the power of our intentions. In energy healing, we get clear on what it is that we want to call into our life, so that we can live deliberately and mindfully

When our energy transforms, we’re able to easily shift our perspectives and manifest wellbeing.

Our body finds the perfect mental and emotional environment for physical healing. The relaxation response activates our body’s innate healing capabilities through energy healing. The body finds equilibrium and we discover our wholeness.

The Benefits to Reiki Energy Healing


Discover inner peace

Release negative emotions and beliefs

Build resilience to stress

Release addictions and habits

Relax and experience stillness


Balance heart rate, blood pressure & salivary cortisol

Manage pain and ease muscle tension

Clear toxins

Sleep better


Connect to your intuition

Hear your soul’s calling

Discover your faith

Live with intention and mindfulness

Know your True Nature


What People Have to Say

  • Parita is a beautiful and gifted healer! I enjoy being in her presence. I love Parita’s positive, warm and loving energy! I highly recommend her services!

    Lucille M.
  • For anyone interested in this, do it. She is definitely recommended and I will be doing it again when I can.

    Brandy H.
  • I was completely blown away with how spot on Parita was with identifying places where my energy was blocked and things that I personally struggle with. She worked to balance to my energy and I left feeling so restored and relaxed! What an incredible experience!

    Brittany S.
  • I was so blown away by our session together and let me tell you — I am a believer. Nothing has ever amazed me so much. My perspective is forever changed.

    Isabelle K.
  • One of the many benefits was the complete ease in my left shoulder which I had almost forgotten was stiff.

    Kaya S.
  • I’ve been seeing Parita for a couple of Reiki sessions and each time I’ve left feeling refreshed and relaxed. I’ve felt the stress melt away each time and look forward to each session with her. Her energy is great. She’s very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. Her schedule is very flexible whenever I need to make an appointment. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    Kare L.
  • I had one of the most high-vibe healing sessions I’ve experienced so far. Parita is truly exceptional at what she does! Try her fusion of Reiki for auric field cleansing, and Integrated Energy Therapy that works with the 12-strand spiritual DNA… your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.

    Nastassia A.
  • I felt so relaxed during the whole process. She was so soothing and I felt my problems drift away. I would definitely do it again.

    Carla H.
  • I’ve been receiving reiki from Parita for a while now and her energy is just amazing. I feel so good and relieved after my reiki sessions with her. I highly recommend healing with Parita.

    Emi T.
  • It was an amazing experience. I felt the energy very strong. For sure I will book a healing session again!



Reiki is a holistic and natural healing modality that leaves patients relaxed and emotionally balanced. It allows you to connect to your true essence and allows your body to restore. Reiki balances the chakras, auric field and subtle body. Studies have shown that Reiki is effective in managing pain, anxiety, and recovering from surgery. It balances irregular heart rate, blood pressure and salivary cortisol.

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Chakras are our centers of consciousness that store our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, experiences, and memories. Energy healing helps to clear programming that no longer serve us. Balanced chakras manifest as harmony in our relationships, careers, and creative endeavors. Your body is also a manifestation of your spirit and thus chakra balancing can restore health.

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Integrated Energy Therapy is an energy healing modality that “gets the issues out of your tissues”. IET uses the violet angelic energy ray to help to clear unresolved emotions and imprint feelings of safety, ease, forgiveness, love, and innocence in one’s energetic anatomy. We heal limiting energy patterns of your past, to empower your future.

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