How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Parita Shah, Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master Teacher

Parita Shah, Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master Teacher

After receiving a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition, and experiencing countless symptoms that didn’t budge through conventional allopathic medicine, Parita sought complimentary forms of healing through meditation and Reiki. Energy healing helped her listen to her body’s innate wisdom, cope with chronic illness, and pursue her soul’s calling - helping others heal through the mind and body connection. With energy healing sessions, courses, and a blog, she shares tools for transformation and self-healing.

If we learn to listen, spirit guides can share wisdom, refresh our perspectives and help us look at a situation differently.
Speaking to Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Power Animals

Each and every one of us has the ability to call in spirit guides. In fact, most of us already have multiple spirit guides in our energetic space. They are nonphysical beings that wish to support us on our path. You may know them as angels, archangels, ancestors, plant allies, power animals, elementals, dieties, galactic beings, or Universal spirit. 

What can spirit guides help us with? 

If we learn to listen, spirit guides can share wisdom, refresh our perspectives and help us look at a situation differently. We can rely on them to give us guidance that is free of fear, judgement, and expectations. They can even share energetic transformation in our subtle body. We can call upon our guides to cut cords, balance chakras and transmute denser vibrations. They are often conspiring to help us learn the lessons that would lead to realization. 

Spirit allies may support us from the smallest to the largest of situations. They can help us to navigate tough circumstances with hope, and find clarity in overwhelming times, but they can also help us to find a parking spot, or decide what to eat for lunch. Spirit guides are often working hard to keep us safe and provide confirmation that we’re on the right path.  

Setting boundaries with spirit guides

As humans, we have the ability to invoke their presence, communicate with them, and receive support. We also can ask them to step away if we are overwhelmed, afraid or uninterested. Some guides may come in to support you during a phase, situation or relationship, and they may leave afterwards. You have the power to determine who comes into your own energy field. 

Signs from Power Animals, Ascended Masters & Archangels

What does the presence of spirit guides feel like?

Feeling the physical presence of Your allies

Depending on which of your senses are strong, you may experience the presence of your guides physically, emotionally, or spiritually. You may feel a hand on your shoulder, or as if someone is sitting besides you. You may feel the need to turn around and look behind yourself, because you intuitively feel that someone is there. You may also feel energy moving within your body and in your auric field. 

You may see your guide’s aura, or floaters. Some experience ringing in the ears, pressure in the third eye chakra, or a vibration in their body when their guides are near. You may smell a scent that reminds you of an ancestor or a plant ally. 

Signs from Your animal spirits, archangels, and ancestors

You may find confirmation in repeating names, symbols, numbers or lyrics. Perhaps someone’s name, or a place keeps coming up in conversations. Perhaps you’re seeing the same numbers on the clock everyday. Each of these synchronicities have meaning. It’s up to you to tune in, and interpret the message from your guides!

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Channeling with spirit

Alternatively, you may have a vision in meditation or even hear a voice. You may notice thoughts dropping into your consciousness out of the blue, with the gut feeling that they aren’t yours. They are downloads from your guides.

You may find yourself acting or speaking spontaneously. You might have quickly blurted some words out before and thought “Where did that come from?” When our spirit guides are guiding us, we may also feel the need to quickly step in and take action that prevents a mishap. 

Which types of spirit guides should I work with?

It’s entirely up to you. It depends on who you’re comfortable with and what you wish to receive help with. Consider if there are any dieties that you were comfortable with as a child. Do you have dreams of any galactic beings? Are there any plant or animal spirits that keep grabbing your attention? If so, they may be trying to communicate with you.

How can I meet my spirit guides in meditation?

Create an altar of offerings for your guides.

This ritual helps us to become intentional about our spiritual practice. It helps us drop into the moment and raises the vibration of our ceremonial space. You may wish to create this altar with plants that you’ve found in nature, crystals, candles, and smoke medicine (sage, incense, palo santo or other herbs) that have been harvested sustainably. Optionally, you may use a rattle, drum, or singing bowls to set sacred space with vibration. You can place a photo of an ancestor, ascended master or deity that you wish to invoke. If you’re invoking a plant spirit, you may wish to consume that plant (if safe for consumption) through an essence or tea. 

Invoke spirit through intention.

Our words and thoughts are powerful beyond measure. Simply speak from the heart to your spirit guides and start a conversation. Our guides can only help us when we call their presence in. Once you feel their presence, let them know what you’re ready to heal. It can be as simple as 

I welcome only the beings of light that here to support me.
I am feeling…
I call in support with…
I wish to…
Please share with me the exact energetic healing and alignment that will best support me.
I trust that I will be held by you in the process of healing and awakening.

Listen into your ascended masters and power animals.

Tune in with awareness, but without expectations. Let your mind reach a point of stillness, having patience for however long that may take. On certain days you may drop right into your meditative state. On other days, your mind may waiver and it may take you a while to reach a state of presence. The goal is not to “stop thinking” but rather to not engage with each and every thought that comes your way. Practice observing what’s coming up for you, from a place of neutrality and curiosity. In this practice, we create space between the repetitive thoughts. In that space, we begin to hear our intuition.

Trust your intuition.

Believe in the experiences that you have. You will begin to have visions, feel energetic transformation, or inspiration come through. No matter how subtle these experiences can be, be sure to keep a log of them. A log will help you to see patterns in your intuition over time, and it will help you to trust your experiences.

Cultivate gratitude for your spirit guides.

Give thanks to your guides for being present for your healing. At the end of your meditation, or whenever you feel that you have received intuitive guidance from your allies, express your gratitude to them. Feel the appreciation, love, and joy radiate out from the heart. 

Confirm your healing guide’s messages with oracle cards.

Once you’ve listened to the messages from your guides, and acknowledged your experience, let your guides confirm what you have heard through oracle cards. Oracle decks are a collection of cards, with illustrations and messages. After they are shuffled, and either one or a few cards are chosen at random to provide inspiration, and direction. In my log, I will also jot down the oracle cards that I have pulled. I enjoy seeing the similarities between the messages I’ve received in meditation, and the oracle cards.

Allow for the unfolding.

Know that your guides will continue to support you outside of your meditation. They are always conspiring to bring you the exact resources, people, and inspiration that can benefit you. They are always nudging you in the right direction.

Questions to ask your spirit guides for help

  1. What are you here to help me with?
  2. Why have you chosen to be my guide?
  3. How can I continue to recognize your presence?
  4. What would you have me know about my relationship with…?
  5. How can I support my mind, body and spirit?
  6. How can I fulfill my life’s purpose?
  7. What sign will you show me when I’m on the right path?
  8. What lessons do I need to learn in this situation?
  9. Which gifts, strengths and talents should I be aware of in myself?
  10. What can I remember from my past life to help me in this lifetime?

Know that you don’t have to have a problem in order to call in your guides. The more that you develop the habit of welcoming their presence, and surrendering your desires to them, the more likely you are to recognize how they are supporting you. With practice, you will be able to invoke and feel the presence of your guides quickly and with more conviction. 

If you’ve connected with your guides, I’m curious to hear your experience in the comments below. What did their presence feel like? Have you received any insightful messages? Let me know!

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  • Dionna

    I’ve learned some of my guides name, and was able to visualize one with some help of my reiki teacher, it was very interesting.

    • paritashahhealing

      So cool! Us humans love a little validation and when we begin to see and communicate with our guides, it’s exciting!

  • Batul

    They communicate to me through visions in deep meditation.

    • paritashahhealing

      Lovely! I enjoyed connecting with you yesterday. Hope you’re feeling great.

  • Erica

    Hi, I only came across this tonight, after believe it or not, trying to connect with my spirit guide.
    I connected with her a few nights ago, and she gave me her name but I think I was so surprised I connected so quickly, I bounced out of it and have been having trouble since.
    However, a couple of questions I had have been answered in this informative piece so thank you very very much, I was obviously meant to find it. God bless and stay safe x

    • paritashahhealing

      This is so exciting! You will surely get more from her as you show up. Best wishes, Parita

  • Matt

    I have learned the names of two of my guides, and the animal spirit of another, but now I am curious to meet the rest. The first came to me in one of my first miraculous encounters with spiritual disturbance, and the second I met during a singing bowl meditation. The animal, I had always known, but was reminded by a shaman.

    Thank you so very very much for all of this information, Parita!


    love spirit guides…. i mostly think of them as being my family

    • paritashahhealing

      They are indeed a part of our soul’s family!

  • Ash

    Thank you for this exploration of spirit guides, I’m going to be putting the questions to good use!

    • Kristi

      I’m just now learning how to reach out to my guides. M daughter sees spirits (22 yo yesterday) and tells me they are wanting me to reach out. With her being my last kid to leave the house, I’ve been having a hard time transitioning to an empty nest and she says they are here to help me. Putting my whole heart into it. Thx!

      • paritashahhealing

        Yes! They’re always happy to share inspiration and healing. Try communicating with them through automatic writing!

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