22 DIY Oracle Spreads to Exercise Your Intuition

Tune into the whispers of the Universe with 22 oracle spread layouts and accompanying worksheets! The simple and easy-to-follow spreads make it fun to read cards for yourself, friends and clients.

Some of the 22 spreads included:

  • Full Moon
  • New Moon
  • Daily Wisdom
  • Purpose
  • Past Life
  • Loving the Inner Child
  • Soul Alignment
  • Dream Analysis

Connect with your deck in new and refreshing ways. With this guidebook, you will begin to read oracle spreads in your own unique way.

Oracle spreads offer encouragement and support when we may feel unsure or blocked. They share refreshing messages that help us to see patterns, relationships, and circumstances with clarity. This workbook is a source of reflection and introspection that’s designed to help you read your own energy. 

Includes a how-to guide for beginners covering:

  • How to Create a Spread
  • How to Free-Write with Oracle Spreads
  • How to Clear the Energy of a Deck
  • How to Call in Your Guides
  • How to Sense and Translate Your Intuition

You will receive a 59 page, high-resolution PDF upon download.


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