An Introduction to Integrated Energy Therapy

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Discover Integrated Energy Therapy, the attunement-based energy healing modality. What is IET and how can it help me? Explore Reiki versus Integrated Energy Therapy.
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What is Integrated Energy Therapy?

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is an attunement-based energy healing modality, which helps to clear physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages safely and gently.

IET was developed by Steven J. Thayer and channeled from Angel Ariel. In Integrated Energy Therapy, practitioners use a violet angelic ray to balance the human subtle body.

How can Integrated Energy Therapy help me?

Integrated Energy Therapy assists in releasing thought patterns, habits, and unexpressed feelings that may be holding us back. Practitioners are also able to clear energetic blockages from past lives.

The healing modality helps to imprint feelings of safety, ease, forgiveness, love, humble pride, and innocence in one’s energetic anatomy. Clients typically feel lighter, calmer and empowered. Some are more connected to their intuition. Integrated Energy Therapy changes your vibration so you can embrace a new way of being. Integrated Energy Therapy helps connect to one’s purpose and fullest potential.

Energy healing can benefit those of all ages and support people in various phases and transitions in their lives. Whether you’re breaking an addiction, grieving the loss of a loved one, or simply looking for more ease in your daily life, IET can support you. The purpose of this work is to integrated the pain of your past in order to empower your future.

How does Integrated Energy Therapy work?

Practitioners receive an attunement that clears their Integration Channels. In sessions, practitioners create a “heart link” to connect to the angelic realm and channel Integrated Energy to their client. This process helps to release emotions from their client’s cellular memory map and imprint those areas with positive emotions.

Is Integrated Energy Therapy safe?

The beauty of Integrated Energy Therapy lies in it’s ability to release blockages safely and gently. In other words, clients don’t have to revisit their pains and trauma in order to heal.

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