Intuitive Reiki: How to Awaken Your Intuition with Energy Healing

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If you have noticed a heightened sense of knowing, or sensory perception after receiving Reiki sessions or attunements, you are not alone. This can be one of the most beautiful and empowering gifts of the modality. 

Intuitive development is an inevitable benefit of practicing reiki healing. The energy work naturally opens your subtle body, and heightens your sensory. A regular Reiki practice creates an environment of stillness where you can listen to higher wisdom. Some practitioners recognize their intuition awakening from their first session or attunement, and for others it subtly grows stronger as they tend to their daily practice. However, intuition is a sense that all of us have. Each and every one of us can choose to develop our intuition with Reiki healing.

Myths about Reiki and Intuition That Just Aren’t True

  1. You have to be born with special gifts in order to be intuitive. 

No! Not at all. We were born with natural intuitive senses such as a third eye chakra, gut, heart, mind, eyes, ears, nose, or tongue. Each of these are designed to sense, perceive or feel beyond the physical realm. It’s simply up to us whether we develop these gifts to receive information, or ignore them. With practice, we can sharpen each of these senses.

  1. You must be intuitive in order to practice Reiki.

Nope. Reiki and intuitive healing are both learned skills. There are step-by-step methods, exercises, and rituals that can bring your heart and mind into a space of intuitive recognition and energetic allowance. Just as one learns to use their muscles and senses to walk, one can also be trained to channel Reiki and intuition.

  1. Opening your intuition and channeling Reiki is dangerous and harmful.

It can (and should) be done in a very grounded and safe environment. Most Reiki Master Teachers will teach tips for empathic management. They will gently help you tap into oneness where Reiki and intuitive healing are accessible, and then also guide you back to 3-D. They will teach you to seal your auric field, and maintain your higher frequency throughout the day.

How does Reiki Open Your Intuition?

Months after completing a Reiki training, some students are left wondering, “Can Reiki make me intuitive?” They may witness signs, synchronicities, and a heightened sense of knowing. The answer is absolutely yes! In fact you cannot practice energy work without affecting your subtle body. Regardless of whether you’re receiving Reiki treatments or attunements, there are multiple reasons why the energy healing can expand your intuitive awareness. Here are some explanations:

  • The balancing of lifeforce within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies creates unity and harmony within the entire being. It improves the signaling between each of these layers, allowing you to be more in touch with the mind, heart, soul and body.
  • Reiki heightens our sensitivity and awareness of our eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue. These organs help us perceive, process and receive information for our highest good. You may have experienced this as a “gut feeling”. 
  • Reiki brings the chakras into flow. In particular, when the sacral chakra is in balance, we are in touch with our emotions and allow them to guide us intuitively. Fear, sadness, anger, and numerous other emotions can give us clues and help us understand our relationship with other people, events, and circumstances. The heart chakra can also provide us with powerful intelligence as it has the ability to feel with the lens of compassion and empathy. The third eye chakra lets us see beyond the physical, develop clarity, and perceive intuitively. Lastly, the crown chakra reminds us of our oneness with all that is, including Source. 
  • Reiki expands our awareness of the nonphysical. It offers us the opportunity to remember that everything in the material and nonmaterial realms is composed of energy, and as humans we have the ability to shift energy with our intentions, presence and willingness.
  • Reiki helps us transcend timelines and space. The third symbol in particular reminds us of our innate oneness. This means we can see the energy around the past and future, and connect with people across the world intuitively.
  • Reiki creates presence, the sacred space for your intuition. When Reiki regulates the nervous system and the mind is free of distractions, we are more likely to sense Higher Truth. 
  • Reiki gives us practice in regulating emotions so they don’t cloud our heart intelligence. When we work through old triggers and wounds, we become a clear and open vessel for Source to channel through.

How to Develop Your Intuition with Reiki

Perhaps you’ve had a few intuitive experiences with energy but you’re not sure if you’re perceiving the messages correctly. Perhaps you’re feeling more sensitive, but you want to harness this awareness for the healing of yourself and others. I have a few ways you can begin to nurture your intuitive Reiki gifts.

  1. Incorporate Byosen Scanning into your Reiki routine. This traditional Japanese Reiki technique guides us to comb through our aura, feeling into our palms for sensations such as heat, coolness, tingling, pressure, or a pull. Learn this technique here.
  2. Commune with Your Guides. Make it a regular practice to call in your ancestors, angels, or spirit animals at the start of the day. More than likely, you will feel more comfortable conversing with them throughout the day when you need assurance. You can also practice automatic writing to communicate with your guides.
  3. Sit in a space of observation. Let go of the need to react and respond to every thought or feeling. Train the mind to not absorb every bit of energy but rather witness it. This will help you keep the mind spacious enough to receive intuitive information.
  4. Intend to be the Clear and Open Vessel as well as the medium between the realms. Let go of attachments to what your channeling looks like, how it is perceived, who it supports and how much it impacts others. Rather, surrender to the divine intelligence as it moves through you. When we hold onto ideas around what our intuition should look like or how it should help us, we block ourselves from receiving.
  5. Regularly receive Reiju and exchange attunements with your Reiki community. Each attunement facilitates a deeper clearing and opens the subtle body a bit further. 
  6. Work with the Reiki symbols, as each one of them speaks to a part of the channeling process. Work with the first Reiki symbol for grounding and protection, the second Reiki symbol for mental and emotional wellbeing, the third Reiki symbol for remembering oneness, and the fourth Reiki symbol for embodying the great, bright light.
  7. Purify the heart-mind with the Reiki Precepts. Practice receiving the frequency of and embodying the words. As we let go of worry and anger, and build gratefulness, honesty, and compassion, we return to our wholeness in mind, body and spirit. This wholeness encompasses our intuitive sense.

For more tips on intuitive Reiki, I highly recommend reading The Art of Psychic Reiki

Signs Your Intuition is Opening Up as a Reiki Healer 

In many subtle to dramatic ways, you may witness your intuition opening up. Some of these signs are experienced during the Reiki practice itself, while others are seen as you go about your day after the practice.

  • You may feel your hands moving involuntarily while practicing hands on healing or Byosen Scanning. When you let Reiki take the lead, it will often guide you to a part of the body that could use the healing frequency.
  • Claircognizance, the knowing of psychic information in any area of life including health, relationships, and career can develop in Reiki healers. You may receive sudden insights, hunches or have flashbacks. You may notice your mind is guided towards a certain person, memory, or situation to send healing to. Some also receive messages through song lyrics or repeating numbers. 
  • You may notice that your sense of smell, taste, or touch is amplified. You might feel the wind on your skin more deeply or experience chills. You may also get a whiff of a scent that speaks to you. 
  • If you begin to feel the sensations or feelings of another person, such as the constriction in their throat or sadness, you are experiencing clairsentience. Empaths often sense the energy of other people including groups, and places. 
  • You may find that your ears are ringing, or sensitive. When a Reiki practitioner experiences clairaudience, they may hear a voice in their head. The messages are typically shared in a calm, nonjudgemental tone for your greater good.
  • You may see floaters, flashes of light, or have visions while your eyes are closed or open. If you experience clairvoyance, you may visualize healing lights and their colors, chakras, guardian angels, intergalactic beings, ancestors, and beyond. 
  • Dreams and visualizations in meditation may be more vivid and have deeper symbolism.

If you have noticed a heightened sense of knowing, or sensory perception after receiving Reiki sessions or attunements, you are not alone. This can be one of the most beautiful and empowering gifts of the modality. 
If you have recently trained in Reiki, you have the ability to sharpen your intuition. Practice Byosen Scanning, communing with your guides, and purifying the heart-mind. Over time, you will witness the gifts of claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or clairvoyance developing within you.

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