The Essential Guide to Reiki Attunements: Levels 1, 2 and 3

Parita Shah, Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master Teacher

Parita Shah, Intuitive Energy Healer & Reiki Master Teacher

After receiving a diagnosis of an autoimmune condition, and experiencing countless symptoms that didn’t budge through conventional allopathic medicine, Parita sought complimentary forms of healing through meditation and Reiki. Energy healing helped her listen to her body’s innate wisdom, cope with chronic illness, and pursue her soul’s calling - helping others heal through the mind and body connection. With energy healing sessions, courses, and a blog, she shares tools for transformation and self-healing.

The symbolic meaning of the attunements is that the Reiki Master is connecting with Earthly and Heavenly energies to help open the heart and intuition of the student.

Receiving attunements into the path of Reiki are one of the most beautiful, magical and intriguing experiences. The process of attuning to Reiki is where we become aware of a frequency that was always available to us and a part of our reality. However, now we are choosing to be sensitive to it and work with that frequency for the health of mind, body and spirit. The attunements and the practices done after the attunements help us to match the frequency of Reiki and sustain that high vibration of love and light.

What are Reiki Attunements? 

Reiki attunements are sacred rituals, shared by Reiki Master Teachers, to students who wish to channel healing light. The attunements heighten our awareness of the universal life force energy. The powerful initiation clears the energy field, and helps us remember our True Nature and connection to Source. Through these transmissions of energy, we can embrace the innate healing capabilities that we always had within us but perhaps weren’t aware of. 

Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 Attunements

Attunements are offered at every level of Reiki training. Traditionally, 4 attunements are shared in Level 1 of Reiki training, 3 attunements are given in Level 2, and 1 attunement is given in Level 3 of training. 

In Level 1, the focus is to receive a gentle energetic clearing, open the subtle body, and help students to become aware of divine healing light. 

The attunements offered in Level 2 and 3 initiate students to sacred symbols and mantras. 

In Level 3, students are also taught to give attunements so that they can initiate students into their lineage. 

With each attunement received, a deeper energetic clearing is facilitated. It is also a remembrance of your true nature.

Benefits of Receiving a Reiki Attunement

When completing your Reiki training, you may witness:

  • Powerful, often tangible experience of universal source intelligence
  • Deep healing of thoughts, emotions and memories in your consciousness and body
  • Heightened remembrance of Source
  • You are being guided to explore your intuition and subtle body
  • Awakening to the possibility of genuine wellness in mind, body and spirit

Deeper Meaning Behind Reiki Attunements

The symbolic meaning of the attunements is that the Reiki Master is connecting with Earthly and Heavenly energies to help open the heart and intuition of the student. The three diamonds, energetic centers, receive clearing and the five elements are called into balance. Certain mudras during the initiation help us experience oneness, compassion and unconditional love. The Reiki Master Teacher also empowers the hands of the recipient so they may awaken to the healer within them. 

How to Prepare for Your Attunement as a Beginner

Attunements can be deeply powerful experiences in body, mind and soul as they initiate energetic detoxes. They can trigger the remembrance of all that needs healing. This can include subsconscious patterns, trauma, habits, addictions, and feelings. You may want to clear your calendar for 1-2 days when you’re receiving your attunements so that you can appropriately tend to yourself before and after. 

Here are some ways in which you can prepare to receive your attunement:

  • Hydrate well.
  • Ground into your body and mind, by exercising or being out in nature. Take some time to simply be, and to sit in stillness.
  • Eat foods that are easier to digest. You may want to avoid meat, or dairy.
  • It is recommended to avoid caffeine, and alcohol several days before the attunements. This will allow you to be in an unaltered and conscious state.
  • Get enough sleep for the 2-3 nights before and after your attunement. Sleep helps us integrate and process the shifts in our mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.

What does a Reiki Attunement feel like?

In an attunement, the student is seated, while the teacher performs a ritual with hand positions, breathing, symbols, and intention. 

As the teacher performs an attunement, you may enter a meditative state. You may notice energy moving through you, warmth, coolness, or visuals. You may release energy and emotions through tears or laughter. A range of physical sensations, emotional experiences, and states of consciousness are typically experienced. Students are encouraged to keep an open mind that is free from expectations, judgement, comparison, worry, and doubt. Try to be present during the attunement process.

What can I expect after a Reiki attunement?

After the attunement, you can channel Reiki whenever you choose to do so. Your intention will call the energy forward. You can support this process by meditating, breathing, or visualizing the energy flowing through you. 

It is recommended that you practice Reiki everyday, even if it’s for 10 minutes, for at least 21 days. This helps you adjust to your new vibration and practice. Your connection with yourself and with the healing modality will grow stronger as you show up for yourself. 

Feel free to reach out to your Reiki master teacher as questions or concerns arise. This process may be subtle for some, and more dramatic for others. From time to time, you may continue to undergo these healing cycles. Your clearing is not limited to the first 21 days after an attunement. 

You may experience a process of detoxing, and coming into alignment with yourself that can include:

  • Feeling tired, sore, or under the weather (You may also feel lighter, and more vibrant)
  • Needing more or less sleep
  • Vivid dreams, synchronicities, and heightened intuition
  • Awakening to your purpose, and passions
  • Learning about yourself (mind, body, emotions)
  • Acknowledgement of emotions that were previously suppressed
  • Need for alone time or boundaries
  • Self-acceptance for yourself and your past

Reiki Attunement: FAQs

Can I Receive my Attunement to Reiki Online?

Attunements can be given in person or online as we are all connected in oneness. During an attunement, the student is seated on a chair with their feet flat on the floor. The Reiki Master Teacher uses mudras, breathwork, intentions, symbols, and calls upon their spiritual team to extend the reiki teachings into their lineage. Students will be asked to bring their palms into Gassho (palms to touch at the heart’s center), and place their palms on the heart during the attunement. 

Already Attuned to Reiki? Join Parita’s free Empower the Reiki Healer 5 Day Challenge to learn powerful energy healing techniques. We’ll reconnect with authentic Usui Reiki practices along with modern mystical rituals to support your self-awakening. 

Are Reiki Attunements Necessary?

While a few students of Reiki have experienced being able to attune themselves to the energy of Reiki, most find it more easily accessible and approachable when they receive attunements from a teacher who has been consistently connecting with the Reiki energy themselves. These teachers can guide your awareness and practice, and teach you the basic of self-healing with Reiki. Beginners should receive their Level 1 Attunements as a part of their Reiki 1 Training and Certification Course.  

Do I Need to be Re-Attuned to Reiki?

Once you’ve received your attunement for a particular level of Reiki, you do not need to be given another attunement until you wish to advance onto the next level. Even if you haven’t practiced in months or years, you do not need another clearing to reconnect with your Reiki practice. You can begin your daily practice of meditation, breathwork, hands-on-healing, and the Precepts to re-establish your path. Some students do choose to receive refresher attunements to reinspire their practice and experience the remembrance of True Nature. You may receive multiple attunements in different lineages, or with different teachers over time if you wish. 

How to Receive a Reiki Attunement Near You

In order to find a suitable teacher in your area, you can search directories of practitioners, and contact metaphysical shops near you. Consider if your practitioner offers a Reiki Share where you can meet them, and take in their teachings, before committing to a training & certification course. You may want to ask them how they found Reiki, how Reiki has helped them in their lives, how long they have been practicing, which lineage they practice in, and what their training entails. You may wish to inquire about the course materials that they share (manuals, recordings, meditations etc.) as well as the support that they offer after the completion of the course. Most importantly, trust your intuition when selecting a Reiki Master Teacher. Learning Reiki is not about finding the most prestigious, experienced, or detailed teacher but rather finding one that speaks to you and your interests. 

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