Cord Cutting Ritual & Meditation for Beginners

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Try this practice for releasing energetic ties and attachments. Let go of other people's thoughts, emotions and patterns with cord cutting.
Cord Cutting Meditation & Ritual for Beginners

Do you practice energetic hygiene by cutting cords? Consciously and unconsciously, us humans create energetic ties with others. Just by proximity, emotional attachment, empathy, and familial status, we can cord into other people’s aura and also allow them to cord into us. This means that we are giving and receiving life force to these people at all times.

Energetic cords are unseen to the naked eyes, but can be intuitively felt, seen, or recognized. In many spiritual traditions such as Reiki, shamanism, angelic healing, and pranic healing, there are techniques to clear energetic ties. This helps us to feel our own energy, release burdens that were never ours to begin with, and reclaim our power. By releasing cords with people that we were feeding off of, we also free them from taking on our responsibilities, emotions, and projections. 

Cord Cutting for Beginners: FAQs

Is cord cutting only done in negative circumstances?

Absolutely, not! This is one of the most misunderstood myths about cord cutting. 

You can cut energetic cords with people you trust, love and even people you have neutral feelings about. Cutting a cord means to sever the constant exchange of energy between two people. This is not only helpful in toxic and abusive relationships but also when:

  • You feel overstimulated after being with someone or even a phone call
  • You are in a crowded space
  • You feel overly empathetic to what someone is experiencing
  • You feel overly responsible for a situation that is beyond your control
  • You spend a lot of time with the same person or group of people
  • You lack clarity on your own point of view and may be experiencing groupthink
Cutting Cords in Reiki Practice - Meditation for Healing

Can I harm myself by cutting cords energetically?

In Reiki, we teach safe ways of clearing energetic cords with exs, toxic friends, co-workers, and even the people you love. Reiki Master Teachers emphasize the intention to release attachments without harm to anyone involved. If you work with an energy healer, they will guide you to ground into your own aura, and call back your lifeforce with respect to everyone involved. They will also call in your ascended masters, archangels and spirit guides to assist with this clearing in a safe manner. 

Can I cut cords for a friend?

It’s important to remember that you can only practice cord cutting on yourself or someone who has given you consent to perform this clearing. It’s highly unethical to shift the energy in someone else’s auric field without their knowledge and permission. 

Does cord cutting end relationships?

Cutting the cords with an ex, toxic manager, or old friend would help you to detach energetically. It helps to send back their thoughts, feelings and projections, and dissolve the attachments. However, it does not end the relationship. They may still contact you and engage in the same patterns. Regularly practicing cord cutting does however help separate your energies so you may feel more clear and at peace. This typically assists people who do want to end a relationship.

When you practice cord cutting with the people you love, respect or feel neutral about, you are also not ending the relationship. You are only practicing energetic hygiene by allowing space between each other. There are no hard feelings involved. 

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How to Practice Cord Cutting Rituals & Ceremonies

Guided Meditation

  1. Determine one person that you want to release attachments to and reclaim your power from. Recognize how the energetic exchange might be unhealthy, in excess, or simply not needed at this particular time. Notice what sensations you feel in your body when you bring your mind to your connection with this person. 
  2. Find a meditative posture in which you’ll be able to remain present. Deepen your breath from the feet, into the legs and then the lower dan tien or hara. This is a part of our subtle body, located near the sacral chakra, in which we hold an “ocean of our original energy” Feel the base of your spine anchoring down into the Earth. As you breathe in, feel the length in your spine and relax the shoulders away from the ears. Take your time to create a space of stillness and neutrality.
  3. When the mind and its projections have softened, start to intuitively see, feel or sense your aura. This is the space around your body in which your consciousness resides. Notice any density, pressure, warmth or coolness around you. You might sense if your aura is expansive or constricted, light or heavy, and colorful or dull.
  4. Visualize the energetic cords that have formed between you and the other person. Notice what part of the body they stem from in you and where they cord into the other being. Notice if there’s a color, texture or weight associated with it. There aren’t any right or wrong answers here. You are just being guided to trust your intuition and the information it presents.
  5. Set an intention to release any energetic cords that you may have consciously or unconsciously created. You may recite:

    I ask to release any energetic cords that are keeping me attached to others. I allow other people’s energy, thoughts, words, projections, feelings, and patterns to return back to them in the highest light, with respect and without harm. I allow my energies to return back to me in the highest light, with respect and without harm. It is safe for us to disconnect. I honor the truth in them that is also within me. I see them in their wholeness and I accept myself in my wholeness. 

  6. While breathing slowly and consciously, visualize the cords disintegrating between you and the other person. They melt away with just your heartfelt intention. Trust that these attachments are being transmuted as you simply allow for healing. Your angels and guides are supporting you and uplifting your energy.
  7. Optionally, you may also use a selenite wand to “comb” through your aura. Selenite brings the energies of transmutation, and purification. Hold the wand 3-6 inches away from the body and brush through your field, keeping the same intentions in mind. 
  8. Feel the other person’s energy releasing from your aura, body and mind. You may feel the chills, tingling, or the release of muscle tension. Your heart and mind may feel more free and tranquil. 
  9. In a few moments, the clearing feels complete. You visualize the other person in their wholeness, and you allow your energy to be within your bubble of light. You remind yourself that you don’t have to take on the burdens, projections, thoughts, feelings, words, and patterns of others. You don’t have to match their vibration. If you have been initiated in the path of Reiki, you may practice self-healing here.

Download a Cord Cutting Meditation here

You can practice this cord cutting ritual daily or whenever you sense it’s time to release energetic attachments. Remember, you’re not harming anyone or even being selfish by calling your life force back. You’re freeing yourself and others of any excessive energy exchanges and attachments that are unnecessary for your highest and best. Cord Cutting often results in healthier relationship dynamics. 

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