Explore 5 Traditional Usui Reiki Meditations & Techniques from Japan

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Each of these Usui Reiki meditations and techniques can be practiced by itself, or as a part of your hands-on-healing routine. 
5 Powerful Usui Reiki Meditations and Techniques for Beginners

Usui Reiki offers powerful meditations, cleansing techniques, and tools to create a system of self-healing. While some lineages have moved away from the traditional focus on meditation, to hands-on-healing, some emphasize the importance of the long-established teachings. In today’s post I am sharing 5 techniques and meditations that honor the traditions of Japanese Usui Reiki. Some are helpful in directing energy, while others help to become sensitive to lifeforce, and purify the mind. Each of these Usui Reiki meditations and techniques can be practiced by itself, or as a part of your hands-on-healing routine. 

Joshin Kokyu Ho

Joshin Kokyu Ho is a foundational meditation practice in the tradition of Reiki. This practice builds the Hara, improves concentration and clears the energy field. 

How to Practice Joshin Kokyu Ho

  1. Find a comfortable seated position and lengthen your spine. Bring the palms to touch in Gassho. Set any intentions that you may have for the practice.
  2. Allow the palms to rest on your mid-thighs. Let the center of the chest open ever so slightly.
  3. On the inhale, follow the breath as it travels through the nose, chest, and to the Hara (below the belly button). 
  4. Hold the breath for a moment as you observe your body, mind, and energy field.
  5. On the exhale, let the lifeforce in your Hara expand to your entire body. Let it radiate beyond yourself and out into your surroundings. With consistent practice, you may feel comfortable expanding out to the entire Universe.

Practice this meditation for approximately 15 minutes. This meditation can improve the flow of breath, and Reiki in the body and mind. It can lessen the effects of stress, and help you ground your energy field. 

If you’re interested in learning Joshin Kokyu Ho, access my free guided Reiki meditation at Empower the Reiki Healer Challenge.

Seishin Toitsu

This traditional Usui Reiki healing practice is used to unify the mind with intention, so you can connect with Reiki. Seishin means “spirit, mind, soul, or intention”. Toitsu means “to unite”. This visualization practice also builds the Hara, but helps increase our sensitivity to Reiki. 

How to Practice Seishin Toitsu

  1. Sit comfortably, with your spine lengthened. Bring the palms to touch at the heart’s center.
  2. On the inhale, visualize white light traveling from the hands, through the arms, heart, and down to the Hara. 
  3. On the exhale, visualize white light traveling back up from the Hara, and out the heart to the hands.
  4. Continue practicing for at least 10 minutes. Visualize your meridians clearing with each breath. 
  5. At the end, give thanks and gently release your meditation.

You may notice your palms become warm, move involuntarily, or tingle. You may also feel spaciousness in your body and mind. The sensations can vary greatly from one practitioner to another so allow yourself to witness your experiences without judgement. Feel free to comment down below with your insights if you do try any of these meditations. 

Kenyoku Ho (Dry Bathing Technique)

Dry Bathing is a quick routine that you can practice at the beginning of your Usui Reiki meditation or hands-on-healing practice. It is practiced to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. We practice Kenyoku Ho with the intention to clear anything that is preventing us from being an open and receptive channel for Reiki. It can also be used to ground and disconnect from people, and situations that are taking you out of the present moment.

How to Practice Kenyoku Ho (Dry Bathing)

  1. Gassho – Bring the palms to touch in front of the heart’s center. Hold the intention to clear anything that prevents you from being a clear and open channel for Reiki.
  2. Breathe in. As you exhale, sweep diagonally down from the left shoulder to right hip.
  3. Breathe in. As you exhale, sweep down diagonally from right shoulder to left hip.
  4. Breathe in. As you exhale, sweep diagonally down from left shoulder to right hip.
  5. Breathe in. On the exhale, sweep down the left arm with your right hand.
  6. Breathe in. On the exhale, sweep down the right arm with your left hand.
  7. Breathe in. On the exhale, sweep down the left arm with your right hand.
  8. Gassho – Bring your palms to touch at the heart’s center to acknowledge your practice. Cultivate gratitude for yourself and your practice.

For an illustrated guide to performing Kenyoku Ho and 5 guided reiki meditations for beginners, join the free Empower the Reiki Healer Challenge.

Byosen Scan

Your hands-on-healing practice can be effectively guided, by scanning the aura or performing a Byosen Scan. Byosen literally means “sick lump” and refers to the buildup of physical, mental, emotional or energetic toxins that can accumulate in an area. 

How to Practice Byosen Scanning

  1. With your palm, “comb” over your own or a client’s aura, with the intention to identify areas that need healing
  2. You may feel sensations such as warmth, coolness, tingling, or throbbing in your hands
  3. The areas in which you feel warmth, coolness, tingling or throbbing, are likely to be areas of disharmony. Take these sensations as signals to stay in that area and continue offering hands-on-healing, until the sensations become less pronounced. 
  4. You may communicate with your guides and ask, “What energy is stored here? What is shifting in my mind, body and spirit? How can I support this area?”
  5. Scan the body several times to repeat this process

The Byosen Scanning technique should be practiced regularly on yourself and others to help you develop sensitivity. With practice and time, you will begin to understand where Reiki is needed, where the root of an issue is, and where a recipient is holding toxins. 

Note: Byosen Scans in Reiki are not meant to diagnose health conditions. When you feel an area of dense energy, you can share that observation with the recipient but be careful not to associate it with any health issues. 

Nentatsu Ho

This Japanese Usui Reiki meditation allows us to reprogram thoughts and patterns. “Nen” translates as thought. “Tatsu” translates as to reach, attain, or notify. “Ho” means method. You can use this healing meditation to connect with the subconscious and release habits and beliefs that aren’t serving you. 

How to Practice Nentatsu Ho

  1. Sit up in a meditative posture or lie down comfortably. 
  2. Place one hand on the forehead and one hand on the base of the skull (where the neck meets the head). 
  3. Bring to mind a thought or intention that you want to solidify. For example, “I am safe.” or “I honor the love in me”. Keep your statement in the present tense, and positive. Refrain from using the words “no or not”. 
  4. Welcome Reiki energy to flow into your body and mind, as you imprint this new thought into your consciousness.
  5. Repeat your new belief for approximately 5 minutes, while sharing Reiki. 

These traditional Usui Reiki meditations and techniques are often taught in Reiki Level 1 training, but whether you’re a beginner, or have been practicing Reiki for years, it’s helpful to come back to the foundational practices. They help us in maintaining energetic hygiene, building the Hara, and balancing the mind. Other elements of your Reiki practice such as the Precepts, mindfulness, attunements, and hands-on-healing may be easier to practice as you develop a steady meditation practice. 

Which of these meditations are a part of your daily self-healing practice? Do you practice a meditation or a technique that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment below so we can chat!

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