Distant Reiki Healing Session

Want to receive Reiki and meditate in the
comfort of your own time and space?

I’m thrilled to share a free distant Reiki
transmission with you every month!

Collective Healings are offered to make energy healing accessible and affordable. It’s a wonderful way to try Reiki for the first time, or receive a tune up in between your one-on-one sessions. This offering is open to all.

The next Collective Healing is on September 2nd. You will receive a guided meditation (mp3) with a Reiki transmission in your inbox at 8pm EST.

Receive a Reiki-Infused Guided Meditation Journey Every Month

The theme for September is Cord Cutting.

This month’s distant Reiki & meditation journey is intended to 

》create boundaries

》help you release any energy that isn’t yours

》stand strong in your own power

》stop energetic drains

》fill up with love and light

》call in healthier relationships

》help you let go of people from your past

Receive Access + Press Play

Energy Healing Meditation
Chakra Clearing Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation

You will immediately receive a password to access the library of all previous Collective Healings.

You will also receive all upcoming Collective Healings as they launch on the first Monday of every month.