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Parita blends various energy medicine modalities that she studied over the years. Sessions are heavily focused around Reiki and Chakra Balancing but also include Integrated Energy Therapy, Akashic Record readings, Crystal Healing, and Aromatherapy.

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Reiki-infused meditations

Whether you’re seeking to deepen your self-awareness, cultivate faith, or manifest, there’s a meditation for you. Her meditations are simple yet transformative.

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Translated as lifeforce, Reiki balances physical health (earthly energy) with spiritual wellbeing (heavenly energy). The Japanese healing modality, founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, is based on hands-on-healing, meditation, attunements, mindful precepts, and breathe work.

Reiki Circle - Holistic Healing

Chakra Balancing

The human body has 7 major chakras, or energetic vortexes that record every thought, feeling and experience that we’ve ever had. These vortexes influence our health, relationships, career opportunities, and much more. Aligning the chakra system creates alignment in our outer realities.

Crystal Energy Healing

Akashic Records

Akashic Records give us information about our soul’s path. This high-vibrational realm lovingly offers insight and solutions.

What to Expect

An energy therapy session begins with your goals and concerns. We will take the time to address your intentions for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. From there, you will lie down on a massage table, while fully clothed. Parita will place her hands gently on or just above the body. Please let her know if you prefer not to be touched.

Parita will guide you through a meditation to help you become present and relax. You may feel some warmth or coolness,tingling, or simply relaxed. Some people may see some colors or visuals. She also utilizes healing crystals and therapeutic grade essential oils that amplify and transmute energy in her sessions.

After sharing an energy healing, she will discuss her observations on your auric field with you. Parita shares how you can keep your chakras balanced and aligned. Simple visualizations, meditations, breathing exercises, and lifestyle changes can keep your energy strong in between sessions. She will also share any intuitive messages that come up during your appointment.

Distant Reiki Practitioner - NYC Reiki Master Teacher

Meet Parita

Reiki Practitioner & Energy Healer

As an energy healer, who’s spent years working with other healers for my own chronic health conditions, I recognize that healers can only guide you. My intention is to share the tools that help me master my mind and body connection so that you can nurture every aspect of your being.

Every thought, emotion, or pattern that you want to heal from is simply energy.

Parita Shah Reiki & Chakra Balancing
151 W 30th St 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10001

The Midtown Manhattan location is a 2 minute walk from Penn Station and is convenient for travelers from Westchester, Queens, Long Island, New Jersey and other areas.

Reiki in NYC New York
NYC Reiki Practitioner & Energy Healer
Reiki in Midtown Manhattan NYC

Energy Healing Session


50-55 Minutes

Preferred by first-timers, or those who need a little fine tuning



4 Energy Healings, each 50-55 minutes

Suitable for those who are healing from an injury, navigating a life change, or looking for a reset

(6 month expiration from the date of purchase)

Transform Package


8 Energy Healings, each 50-55 minutes

Suggested for those who are dealing with chronic health conditions, cancer, or moderate-severe mental health challenges.

(12 month expiration from the date of purchase)

24 reviews on
Marilena F
Marilena F
I recently completed my Reiki 1 training with Parita . It was an experience I will cherish and be grateful for forever. Parita is very knowledgeable and genuine. I received so much information that I can carry on with me and continue using in my reiki practice . I am looking forward to working with Parita again in the very near future. Anyone looking into a Reiki Master to learn and grown from I would definitely go with Parita Shah!! ❤️💫
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Niaz Nassiri
Niaz Nassiri
Parita’s reiki I group course was very powerful and insightful! I gained all the needed experience in order to feel confident administering Reiki on myself and on others. Her attunements were also very magical and allowed my body to heal and cleanse after carrying much stress and anxiety for a while: Parita was able to detect areas needing extra care and support me through the process. We were also taught to cleanse environments of energies that don’t serve and to administer reiki to inanimate objects, which could project energies back. I found it very interesting and useful! I will continue to practice the invaluable skills and strategies we were taught in order to be more aware of chakras needing attention and gain inner strength to better serve myself and others. I’m very thankful to have found this hands on course. Thank you!
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Dana Kurlander
Dana Kurlander
I truly enjoyed Parita’s distant Reiki session. Parita is kind, thoughtful, and puts immense care into her session to ensure her client is comfortable. During her session, I could feel the release of stagnant energy I had been carrying for a long time, which continued even after the session! I look forward to more sessions with her in the future!
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Lazar Markovic
Lazar Markovic
Parita is great. Very professional, calm, and informative. Her sessions can help with various things and bring some meditation and mindfulness to the day. 👍
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Damla Ates
Damla Ates
Parita is amazing! I’ve gone twice already and will be back for more sessions! I find my self Feeling more focused after her sessions!
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Baljinder Bharaj
Baljinder Bharaj
I recently had some distance Reiki from Parita. I am based in the U.K, and can honestly say I felt lots of relaxing, calming and peaceful energy from the moment Parita started the session. She's a lovely gentle, knowledgable and kind individual who is amazing at her job. She really loves what she does! I highly recommend to anyone. Thank you again Parita!
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Hanif Hashimi
Hanif Hashimi
I was told about reiki from several friends of mine and decided to see what the hype was about. I came to see Parita from recommendations from 2 different people and decided to check it out. Boy was I amazed. Initially I was skeptical about the whole thing and how it worked. After several therapy sessions, I saw results. I felt a sense of extreme relaxation. I became more patient and chill. The stress from my shoulders my mind and overall body was soon a thing of the past. I became really calm and everything seemed to slow down for me. Obviously this is something that is beneficial with maintenance sessions. I come see Parita at least once if not twice a month. I highly recommend this especially for those that need a break from the everyday lifes challenges hustles and bustles. Which everyone falls under this category. LoL
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Ranjana Bakshi
Ranjana Bakshi
Parita's energy is just phenomenal. I started going to reiki circle on Thursday nights and it helped me to relax and understand my body more. I loved it so much that I came in for a pop up crystal healing session. Parita is so knowledgeable and was able to answer my bazillion questions. Another bonus for me was that she was so patient and accommodating with my schedule. I recommend for everyone to come check out the reiki circle hosted at north shore yoga on Thursday's at 7:45 pm and then also schedule your personal session with Parita to go deeper and get a better understanding. I look forward to continuing this journey for my betterment.
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Sonia Bahlani
Sonia Bahlani
Amazing experience. For someone who knew nothing of what reiki was this was a great introduction. Parita was so kind and informative. Looking forward to going back and recommending to many!
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