How Can I Learn to Channel Reiki?

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Anyone who is willing to develop a spiritual practice can channel Reiki to themselves and others. Reiki Masters pass down the teachings and attunements.
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The beauty of Reiki lies in its accessibility, and simplicity. The modality offers us a pathway to become our own healer. We are shown the tools (meditations, breathing exercises, philosophy, attunements, and hands-on-healing) to master our own body and mind. Reiki does not ask us to practice for years before we see results. It also is not reserved for a select few individuals who are born talented or intuitive. 

How can I learn Reiki?

Anyone who is willing to develop a spiritual practice can channel Reiki to themselves and others. Reiki Masters pass down the teachings and attunements. Once attuned, you will be a clear and open channel for lifeforce energy. Although you were always composed of Reiki, you will develop sensitivity to the energy for the rest of your life. You can always return to it for balance, health and wellbeing. Your intention is all you need for Reiki to flow. 

What is an attunement?

An attunement is a ritual that is a part of Reiki 1, 2, and 3 courses. With the attunement that you receive in your Reiki 1 course, you will be an open channel for Reiki energy. With every level of Reiki training after that, you will receive attunements that open your channels up even more and introduce you to new symbols. An attunement is a way to remember your True Nature. The glimpse of your True Nature, that is experienced in an attunement, can guide you to practice towards wholeness. Attunements are also opportunities for us to remember our power. We may remember our soul’s love, light, and purpose during these rituals. 

In the process of attunements, Reiki Master Teachers draw sacred symbols in your palms, crown and aura. While the student is seated, the teacher performs a ritual with hands-on-healing, breathing, symbols, and intention. The attunements take about 15 minutes and are repeated 2-4 times during a training.

What might I experience during an attunement?

During an attunement, you may feel subtle to dramatic sensations (warmth, coolness, tingling, visualizations, pressure, emotional release etc.). Regardless of the sensations that you may or may not experience, you will be able to channel Reiki with your attunement. You may release energy and emotions through tears or laughter. A range of physical sensations, emotional experiences, and states of consciousness are typically experienced. Students are encouraged to keep an open mind that is free from expectations, judgement, comparison, worry, and doubt. Try to be present during the attunement process. Take note of your experiences. 

How many levels of Reiki training are there?

Typically, the teachings are split into 3-4 levels of training. Personally, I teach Reiki 1, 2, and 3. Here are some of the objectives of each level: 

Reiki 1

  • Initiate students into the Usui Reiki lineage through an attunement
  • Understand the many uses for Reiki healing
  • Become familiar with the meaning, history, and principles of Reiki
  • Explore the mind and body’s connection
  • Practice Reiki healing on ourselves and others through guided journeys
  • Learn meditations and exercises from the Reiki tradition
  • Develop a daily spiritual practice

Reiki 2

  • Receive an attunement and introduction to the first three Reiki symbols and mantras
  • Begin to see and practice oneness, which enables us to share distant healing
  • Offer Reiki on others in a professional setting if you choose to do so
  • Learn meditations and exercises from the Reiki tradition

Reiki 3

  • Receive an attunement and introduction to the 4th Reiki symbol
  • Learn how to share attunements to initiate others on a path of self-healing
  • Learn how to teach Reiki to your students

Which lineage should I learn from?

Usui is the most popular lineage, founded by Dr. Usui. It’s the lineage through which I learned Reiki. However, there are many options such as Kundalini Reiki, Karuna Reiki, and Seichim Reiki. You may also choose to train in various lineages. 

How can I choose a Reiki Master Teacher?

It’s recommended that you try a session or group event with your desired teacher before signing up for a Reiki course. You may want to ask them about their inspiration to practice, and get to know their style of teaching. You may choose to ask about the class size, and if they offer ongoing support. Consult your intuition when selecting a training, to ensure that your teacher is a good match for you.

Can I complete the next level of my training with a different Reiki Master?

Yes; absolutely. Often, we cannot return to the same Reiki teachers because of our location, timing, and so forth. I personally completed Levels 1, 2, and 3 with different Reiki Masters. It’s been an interesting learning experience to see how differently people practice Reiki. Some are very traditional and stick to the Japanese roots, while others modernize and simplify the practice. There’s plenty to be learned from both ends of the spectrum.

How can I prepare for an attunement?

Reiki attunements can be subtle or powerful, depending on what we’re ready for and how the teacher and students show up. Teachers are expected to create a sacred space for attunements, with pure intentions. Here are some ways in which you can prepare to receive your attunement:

  • Hydrate well.
  • Ground into your body and mind, by exercising or being out in nature. Take some time to simply be, and to sit in stillness.
  • Eat foods that are easier to digest. You may want to avoid meat, or dairy.
  • It is recommended to avoid caffeine, and alcohol several days before the attunements. This will allow you to be in an unaltered and conscious state.
  • Get enough sleep for the 2-3 nights before and after your attunement. Sleep helps us integrate and process the shifts in our mental, emotional, and energetic bodies.

What should I expect after I complete Reiki Level 1?

After the attunement, you can channel Reiki whenever you choose to do so. Your intention will call the energy forward. You can support this process by meditating, breathing, or visualizing the energy flowing through you. 

It is recommended that you practice Reiki everyday, even if it’s for 10 minutes, for at least 21 days. This helps you adjust to your new vibration and practice. Your connection with yourself and with the healing modality will grow stronger as you show up for yourself. 

You may experience a process of detoxing, and coming into alignment with yourself that can include:

  • Feeling tired, sore, or under the weather (You may also feel lighter, and more vibrant)
  • Needing more or less sleep
  • Vivid dreams, synchronicities, and heightened intuition
  • Awakening to your purpose, and passions
  • Learning about yourself (mind, body, emotions)
  • Acknowledgement of emotions that were previously suppressed
  • Need for alone time or boundaries
  • Self-acceptance for yourself and your past

This process may be subtle for some, and more dramatic for others. From time to time, you may continue to undergo these healing cycles. Your clearing is not limited to the first 21 days after an attunement. 

Let’s continue learning Reiki beyond Reiki 1, 2 and 3 certifications! Sign up for Parita’s free Empower the Reiki Healer 5 Day Challenge and you’ll receive access to guided audio journeys and illustrated guides. This free training holds space for intuitive exploration and self-healing. 

If I haven’t practiced in a long time, do I need to be reattuned?

If you do take a break from your practice, you do not need an attunement to begin again. You can choose to receive multiple attunements in different lineages, or with different teachers over the years. However, your true connection with Lifeforce can also be remembered through meditation, breathing exercises, mindfulness, Precepts, symbols and mantras. 

Am I ready for the next level of training?

Although attunements open you up to more Reiki energy, the most valuable growth will come from your daily spiritual practice of presence, observance, and being the light. A daily spiritual practice with meditation, byosen scan, hands-on-healing, or reciting the precepts will take you much further than any attunement. 

Reiki is a way of life rather than a race to a title. The Reiki trainings are simply initiations. With that being said, if you have been practicing diligently and feel called to further your evolution, you are ready! Trust your intuition and enjoy the training.

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  • Jacqui Loree

    All I can say is WOW!
    What an amazing website I stumbled on. 🙏
    Of course I signed up for your newsletter & I can’t wait to devour it.
    I have very recently undergone attunement Usui Level 1 so just scanning answered so many of my questions succinctly and with great clarity.
    I will return.

    • paritashahhealing

      Hi Jacqui! Thank you so much. I’m glad my writing supports you on your path. Congratulations on your attunement! Hope you’re enjoying your self-practice.

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