About Me


I’m Parita and I’m an energy healer. It’s an honor to connect with people around the world to share energy. Thank you for showing up for your transformation and the greater good.

My intentions

  • May I help you honor the divinity in your mind, body and soul.
  • May I be a clear and open channel for love and light.
  • May we recognize your intuition and apply it for greater good.
  • May I hold sacred space for healing.
  • May I help you navigate your energies and build resilience.
  • May my online presence and energy healing sessions enlighten and uplift.

My philosophy

  • Everything you’ve ever thought, said, did, or felt is in your energy field. You can acknowledge it, release it, transmute it, or harness it. But the choice is yours. If you change your energy, you will change your experience of life.
  • Divinity is the energy of love that is within us and all around us.
  • You can learn the lessons you came here to learn through compassion and ease.
  • Our bodies are vessels for greater good. They must be nurtured in order to fulfill our dharma and help others.
  • You can heal yourself on every level of your being.
Reiki & Integrated Energy Therapy - Nassau County